Gold-Crested Press

Enjoy the freedom of an independently published author, but have the quality reputation and resellers network of a traditional publishing house. That is what Gold-Crested Press is all about.

Gold-Crested Press seeks to inspire authors to inspire others to become their very best.

Gold-Crested Press is an imprint of Cardinia Ranges Publishing House specially for independent authors. Under this imprint we want to enable authors, who otherwise would not be published via traditional channels, to still make their work available with the same guaranteed quality and network available to large publishing houses.

As the author you retain the copyright. You decide what happens with your work and you receive the profits of every sale.

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4 Steps to Self-Publish with Quality

1 Step 1 – Write

Simply create your best work of art that inspires people to fulfill their full potential. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, religious or secular, young adult or trade, science or culinary… It doesn’t matter. Just write your best. Just write that you want to share with the world.

2 Step 2 – Edit

Edit, edit and edit your work. It is the hardest and often least fun part of the process. However, it probably is the most important. Editing your work is more than just checking your grammar and spelling through your word processor. It is about checking the flow of the text, of individual sentences and thoughts. It is about the length of sentences, paragraphs and chapters. It is about consistency and logic, whether it all makes sense, not just to you as the author.

As part of Gold-Crested Press your work will need to be edited up to a professional standard. You can do this yourself and a third-party editing service, or you can opt for the Advanced Editing service available through us.

3 Step 3 – Choose your Bundle

Gold-Crested Press is all about quality and providing your work with the best head start possible. For this you’ll need an appealing and well-designed cover, a clear and attractive interior layout, and effective and professional marketing tools. Your work will always be unique, but you can choose how much it reflects your ideas by adding further customization.

You can choose which bundle suits your needs. Do you want to publish only in print, or do you want to add an ebook (EPUB and Kindle) edition, too? Do you want additional customization, or are you happy to choose from 10 free interior design templates? Are you happy with the advertising tools provided, or do you want advanced advertising opportunities with more exposure? Simply choose your bundle and place your order.

4 Step 4 – Approve and Publish

Our team works with you to bring your work to industry-standard level of quality in all aspects. In the case it needs further editing, we will let you know which options can work for you and guide you through that process.

When all is ready – cover design, book interior template and advertising pack – it will only be published when you approve it. Once approved, we will make your work available for distribution through Ingram Content Group and Amazon, and we will advertise it as part of the Cardinia Ranges Publishing House’s catalogue to resellers and libraries. From that moment, your work is ready to be ordered and you can start earning on your work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to organize or buy my own ISBN?

No, Gold-Crested Press has you covered. Every book that is available through retailers or libraries requires an ISBN. This is a unique number assigned to each edition of your work. Buying and registering your own ISBN can be costly. That is why for every edition of your work, whether printed or ebook, we will organize the ISBN. Depending on the bundle you choose, additional charges for more than one ISBN may apply.

What about my work’s copyright?

All creative works are copyrighted and protected under Australian law. You as the author are the copyright holder by default and nothing changes to that by publishing through Gold-Crested Press. You retain the copyright.

Normally, with traditional publishers the author grant the publisher the copyright to their work. This is not the case with Gold-Crested Press. Cardinia Ranges Publishing House through its imprint of Gold-Crested Press will only facilitate publication of your work, but it will not own your work.

What is the time line for publication?

It depends. It depends on how long it takes you to write your work, how much editing is required and how much customization you desire. The more editing is required, the longer it takes (advanced editing is calculated based on an hourly rate of 5 pages of 250 words each). If you choose one of the free templates, your interior files could be completed within a few days. However, if you like to have it more personalized, it may take a few weeks, including consulting you on your wishes. Illustrated books take at least a month to become publication-ready.

In general, you can expect your work to be ready for your approval and publication within the time frame of 3 weeks from the time editing is completed. Of course, it also depends on the number of authors with which our team works at any given time, although we guarantee your work to be publishable within two months (unless author-specific wishes demand more time).

Are there any additional costs beyond the publishing bundles?

Yes, every book published via Gold-Crested press incurs an account maintenance fee per book sold through any of our distribution channels. This fee is dependent on the recommended retail price (RRP) set by you. This fee covers currency conversion from resellers to us, administration and reporting. This fee is GST inclusive.

RRP (AUD)Account Maintenance Fee per sold book
>28.994% of the RRP
24.00-28.995% of the RRP
19.00-23.996% of the RRP
14.00-18.997% of the RRP
<14.008% of the RRP
Gold-Crested Press Account Maintenance Fee

Other costs that may come up are if you like to revise your book content, need a special consultation beyond the Consultation Support included in your bundle, or if you would like to order additional printed copies of your book.

What if I decide to distribute my work myself after having published it using Gold-Crested Press?

That is not a problem. You can do so at any time after an initial period of 12 months. You will, however, need to organize a new ISBN for every edition of your work as the initial ones are linked to Gold-Crested Press. For a small fee we can do that for you and modify your files to reflect that change (think of the copyright page and the barcode on the back cover). There is then no further need to reformat your files – they will be ready for publication and distribution any way you like. After all, you own the copyright.

What if I am not happy with the finished product or service?

All our services are performed at industry-standard. If we fail to provide that level of quality, we will work on getting it up to scratch at no extra cost to you. However, we do work with your initial wishes. If your wishes change mid-process, or at the end, we can help by trying to accommodate it. This may incur extra costs if it requires more of our resources.