Leadership & Me

Wisdom and Life Lessons of a World Vision Australia CEO

Philip Hunt

Foreword by Tim Costello

  • Grow in your leadership
  • Gain wisdom in navigating organizations
  • Learn to keep a healthy balance between work and family
  • This book is suited for everyone in leadership: corporate, not-for-profit and ministry

“This book, Leadership & Me, is considered a must read for every current and aspiring CEO.”

Ian Allsop, BA, BD, MBA, PhD—Past Senior Fellow, Melbourne Business School, Past Federal Secretary Churches of Christ in Australia

“Hunt’s insights will be of benefit to anyone who is involved in leadership of an organisation, particularly a faith-based organisation, and is keen to learn from someone who’s been there.”

David Adams —Editor, Sight Magazine
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Leadership is not something you merely do.

Leadership is something you grow into. It is something you need to live out. Leadership is a journey with people, through relationships, making and building organizations.

Join World Vision Australia’s former CEO Philip Hunt as he takes you on his leadership journey. From the humble beginnings as a bank clerk, copywriting and eventually presenting on radio, to his growth in communications and organizational architecture at one of Australia’s leading not-for-profits. As he grew, the organizations he worked in, and led, grew. People grew. Philip’s family grew.

Enjoy this memoir filled with exuberant nuance, wisdom and humour. Hear Philip’s gentle but compelling voice as he shares his story marked by an ancient Chinese poem:

“…Be kind to all and gently lead the young”

Allow his life experience to inspire you in your own leadership journey. Gain valuable insights in how you can empower your team, your staff and your family.

About the Author: Philip Hunt

Philip Hunt gained a lifelong experience in organizational structure and managerial leadership at a variety of organizations. Banks, radio and not-for-profits, in both national and international settings.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Founding CEO World Vision Hong Kong
  • CEO World Vision Australia
  • Foodbank Victoria

Starting as a clerk at a large Australian bank, Philip moved to the upper echelons of leadership through hard work and the willingness to always keep learning. He made World Vision Australia an Australian household name, which even politicians could not ignore.

Next to a great leader and humble person, Philip is an organizational architect. He develops vision, a sense of mission and defines core values. He has the skills any successful leader needs to embrace.

He is also a committed husband, father and grandfather. Soon in his career, Philip managed to combine his work engagements with a healthy family life.

Now retired, Philip has finally found the time to share his wisdom and experience with you and your team.

What others are saying

“…Hunt’s insights will be of benefit to anyone who is involved in leadership of an organisation, particularly a faith-based organisation, and is keen to learn from someone who’s been there.”

“Partly a book on leadership and partly a personal memoir, Leadership & Me is written as a series of short snapshots in Hunt’s journey which he has taken to illustrate a particular point…”

“…Hunt’s account is warts and all – he doesn’t gloss over his frustrations and disagreements but simply relates the situation as he saw it. Some of the best parts of where we find the most colour – such as the challenges he and his family faced with language and culture when relocating to Hong Kong.”

David AdamsEditor, Sight Magazine

“Philip has made significant contributions to the nonprofit sector, not just through World Vision Australia, but also World Vision International, Deakin University and the Foodbank. Don’t be deceived by his accessible,
personable writing style. There are life lessons on almost every page!”

Penny Mulvey—Chief Communications Officer, Bible Society Australia

“Philip Hunt makes a powerful case that inspired effective leadership is essential for transformative work with children and families in global poverty.
Leadership & Me is his compelling story of asking tough questions and looking for answers… All of this is told with great storytelling, Philip’s faith and his wry humour.”

Dave Toycen—Retired CEO, World Vision Canada

“I finished Philip’s book Leadership & Me with a deep sense of gratitude. Grateful for the wisdom that lay within the pages, and … grateful that there are people such as Philip in the world, striving to make it better and leaving those that follow a path and now a map.”

David McNamara—CEO, Foodbank Victoria

Empower your team. Your staff. Your family. Your ministry.

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