Cardinia Ranges Publishing House – Starting to inspire people


Cardinia Ranges Publishing House is finally here. It was a childhood dream to start a publishing business that would help people. After many years, it finally has come true.

Inspiring people to fulfill their God-given potential

That is our mission. It is actually also my personal life mission. I have lived by it in all my years teaching and mentoring at schools and universities, as well as in setting up and leading church ministries.

Now, I am continuing this mission in the form of an independent publishing house. To bless people, to inspire them, to help them on their journey in life, whether they know God or not. That is what we at Cardinia Ranges Publishing House are trying to accomplish.

Every person matters, every person of every walk of life. Every person has a purpose. We want to help people find that purpose, that potential that was placed in their life before they were even born.

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