Philip Hunt holding his latest book: Leadership & Me
Philip Hunt presenting his latest book: Leadership & Me – Wisdom and Life Lessons of a World Vision Australia CEO

Leadership is not something you merely do. It is something you need to grow in.

Cardinia Ranges Publishing House is excited to announce Philip Hunt’s latest book: Leadership & Me. It is a memoir filled with Philip’s personal journey and growth in leadership, humor and wisdom with timeless leadership principles.

Learn from the wise and join Philip as he shares about his highs and lows in leadership, his frustrations, and how he juggled being a CEO and father of a growing family. Let this book inspire you to grow in your leadership without losing sight of the people you share your life with, and those you serve.

Do you want to know more about this exciting new release? Check out this book info page. Find out what reviewers and other leaders have shared about this book.

Philip Hunt’s Leadership & Me is now available for pre-order as both paperback and ebook from various retailers. Release date is 1 June 2021. Order your copy here.