We are available to people of all walks of life. We try to share inspiration with all people to fulfill their God-given potential. However, we are also a publishing house based on the Christian faith. Our values reflect this faith base.

Our works and contributors may not all be Christian, but neither will they undermine or contradict our values and our mission.

We strongly uphold and work from our values, which are:


We love life, we encourage life, we want to bring forth life. Life is the greatest gift we receive. Helping others to live life to the full is the greatest gift we can pass on.

I have come to bring life, life in its fullness and overflowing

Jesus in John 10:10 (paraphrased)


We are available to all people. We accept all people, we love all people, we inspire all people. Being available, making available, being present to others, not just pushing in to sell them something. Sticking around, ready to lend a hand.

I am ready to give my all for my sheep. I also have sheep from other groups of people.

Jesus in John 10:15-16 (paraphrased)


We are encouragers. We encourage others to become encouragers, too. We stir others up to take heart. We come alongside them in their journey and support them. We help them find strength to fight for what they believe in. Together we can make this world a better place, when we all decide to encourage those in need and spur on those stepping out in the the unknown.

Do you see me doing the wonderful works of God on earth, helping others, healing others, supporting others find their way back, setting them free? Just believe these acts of wonder and encouragement, even if you don’t believe my words. Then you would also experience my fullness, who I am in the Father and who he is in me.

Jesus in John 10:38 (paraphrased)


We believe in truth despite the myriad of voices in this world. We believe in upholding the truth, even when it isn’t popular. People have opinions and different perceptions of the truth. However, that doesn’t change the fact that there is an absolute reality, an absolute presence of truth.

I speak to you timeless truth that never changes or disappears.

Jesus in John 10:7 (paraphrased)


We love creative diversity, we celebrate diversity in creation. People are as diverse as the number of grains of sand of the far-stretching beaches along the Earth’s oceans. Nature is exuberantly diverse. If our Creator delights in diversity, so will we.

Eagerly all of creation waits for the moment God shows all of his children, his heirs.

Paul in Romans 8:19 (paraphrased)
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