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Unexpected: Five Inspirational Short Stories of Encouragement - Paperback

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  • ISBN: 9780648420316
  • Binding: Perfect bound – matte
  • Pages: 112
  • Paper: Cream
  • Illustrated: black & white

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SKU: 9780648420316


Improve the way you live and interact with others around you as you are inspired by this book using the ancient art of storytelling. Through intriguing parables, real-life examples and poetry, Jozua van Otterloo presents and inspires how to become the best encourager you can be.

“Unexpected. Encouragement is like a river flowing under a bridge, like those you would see in most cities around the world.” – J. van Otterloo in the story “Food for Thought”.

Encouragement can take different forms and show itself in the exchange between different people. One thing characterizes encouragement. It is the force that exists in the exchange between people, where one comes alongside the other and for a period of time shares their journey, to help, support and strengthen the other.

Unexpected: Five Inspirational Short Stories of Encouragement is a collection of modern-day parables, stories that help us see things differently, and reflections and poems. Each shows different ways encouragement flows and impacts others. Each of these is written with the aim to spur us on, to encourage us to become people of encouragement ourselves.

Be inspired. Be encouraged. Become an encourager, yourself, and leave a legacy of encouragement. 

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  1. More than just a book of encouragements

    More than just a book of encouragements, it highlights the ripple effect within other individuals’ lives. A beautiful acknowledgement to the need of encouragement within our current circumstances


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