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We provide high-quality services to help you create or sell inspiring publications.

We provide services to both Authors and Businesses.

Services for Authors


Let us help you with publishing your work.

There are different options when it comes to publishing your work, whether using us as a traditional publishing house, or going your own way as an indie author / independent publisher.

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Editing & Design

Let us help you make your work shine and stand out.

We provide proof-reading and text editing services as well as cover and interior book design for books both in print and e-book editions.

All at a reasonable price as we know how important it is for authors to release their inspiring message to the world.

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Let us help you reach a greater audience for your work.

You have created the best publication and it really stands out. The hardest step is to bring it to the people for whom you created it. When your work is published through Cardinia Ranges Publishing House, we will do this for you automatically. However, when you publish independently, you can still use our Gold-Crested Press imprint to have all world-wide distribution to bookstores and libraries covered.

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Services for Businesses


You can order all our products directly from us, or through Ingram Content Group. Trade discount applies and all publications are fully returnable.

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We believe in our products, however, we understand that sometimes you can’t sell everything. Therefore, if the product is still in excellent condition, you can return it. Did you order it through Ingram, their returns policy applies.

If you ordered the products through us, you can find out more about returns here.

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Please, feel free to contact us any time. We love to help you with any inquiry, or service request, so that you can go about your business and inspire people.

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