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Editing Services

Have your work professionally edited to industry-standard quality.

Basic Editorial Assessment

We provide Basic Editorial Assessment in all of our bundles (Gold-Crested Press & Self-Publishing). This includes quality-checking by sampling different parts of your manuscript, and looking at the division into chapters/sections that will fit into the overall flow and design of the finished product.

From this Basic Editorial Assessment, we may encourage you to have your manuscript assessed in greater detail and look into one of our Advanced Editing Services. If this is the case after you ordered one of the Gold-Crested Press bundles, you are REQUIRED to have your manuscript edited professionally before we continue the publishing process.

Advanced Editing Services

However, sometimes you need a more professional touch to make your work shine. Or maybe, you are not interested in ordering a full bundle, but you are just after a good editing service. For this, we provide our Advanced Editing service.

Structural Editing & Manuscript Assessment

Structural editing looks at the overall story / plot of the manuscript. By using a manuscript assessment, you can find the overall quality of the manuscript. Where are its weaknesses? Where are its flaws? Where are any plot holes?

Using structural editing, we will help you to not only highlight where the flaws or weaknesses are, but also what could be done to improve the manuscript.


Copy-editing is all about making the text flow better. We will make suggestions for edits to the overall text to improve the reader experience, and adjust grammatical and spelling issues where we encounter them.

Once edited, you will receive your manuscript back and you can adjust the edits to your liking.

Please note, copy-editing is not in detail line-by-line looking for errors or mistakes. This would be done as line-editing prior to typesetting, or proofreading right before the file is sent for print/eBook distribution.

Advanced Editing Services Pricing

Advanced Editing Services we provide at an industry-standard rates of Manuscript size (number of words) / 1250 x $50 (excl. GST) per service.

You can also book a consultation with one of our editors to go over the edits in details.

You can add Advanced Editing Services in your bundle order, or you can contact us if you would like to use this service separately. Please note, copy-editing is already included in the Gold-Crested Press GOLD bundle.

Line Editing

This service we only offer if we find that more work is needed to improve the quality of your work than we can cover under our Advanced Editing Services. Once we identify that Line Editing is necessary, we will contact you with a quote.

If you choose not to use this service, we will return your manuscript to you with the already-made edits and only charge you for the work to that point (incl. service charges for reimbursement and processing).

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Design Services

A book is judged by its cover, and the way it looks inside!

Cover Design

Have your work stand out and grab your audience’s attention already from the shelf! We use professional design software to provide you with the highest-quality cover for your work.

Whether it is for an ebook, a paperback or a hardcover. We can design it all.

Do you need a barcode? We can add one to the design free of charge.

A free standard cover design (inspiring picture, and title and author’s name in beautiful font) is included in a number of our bundles. However, sometimes you would like something more special, something custom-made.

Contact us to share your thoughts on how your book should look like and we will provide you with a quote.

Interior Book Design

The interior of a book is just as important as its cover. We’re not just talking about the content, but also how the words look on the pages.

Interior Book Design is often overlooked, but it is very important for the reading experience. If the words are crammed on the page, the margins are too narrow, or the letter size is too small, it becomes very heavy and tiresome for your audience to read. If the aesthetics of the page are not pleasant, it looks boring and lacks the draw of the audience into the pages of your book.

Don’t worry. We know what we are talking about, and we know how to help you not to fall into those traps.

Most of our bundles include a selection of ten free interior design templates. All you need to do is choose, which one you like the best.

However, if you want something unique, something that only fits you and your work, you can contact us and we would like to help you with that.

Any questions or inquiries about our Editing & Design Services? Please contact us and one of our friendly team members will be in touch with you.